R Coupe Prices, Features & Redesigns

Nissan's most powerful car the Skyline GT-R. With just 6,000 miles, the GT-R stakes claim as the vehicle driven (and, of course, raced) by Paul Walker in the film. Out on the open road, the GT-R is an easy car to drive fast. As the penultimate edition of the R34” series Skyline GT-R, and in fact, as one of the last of the traditionally inline-six powered Skylines, the V-Spec II is destined to be a collectible.

The Nissan GT-R's 6-speed dual-clutch transmission shifts incredibly quick. Rumours suggest the new GT-R could be powered by a complex hybrid system with an engine derived from the Japanese firm's endurance racing program. Nissan has mated the upgraded engine mated to a beefier dual-clutch six-speed ‘box, with redesigned differentials and driveshafts.

The new 2012 Nissan Black Edition adds Dunlop run-flat tires, a rearview camera, lightweight black wheels, leather Recaro seats and other unique trim accents. It returned in 1989 with the Skyline R32 as one of the top race cars on the planet, winning the JTCC Group A championship four straight years as well as the Australian Touring Car Championship three years in a row in the early 1990s.

Although power was officially 276bhp the sister Nur cars left Nissan with more like 330bhp. Many GT-T models are dressed up and badged as GT-Rs but a lack of front driveshafts should give that particular game away. The grey carpets wear well, but check for holes in the front and rear footwells which would indicate that the car had a roll cage a one time.

When you sit behind the wheel of a stock GT-R R32, the austere interior doesn't deliver many clues about this car's racing heritage. While a Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic super cars survive our draconian speed limits and anti-car culture thanks to their looks, prestige and performance, the GT-R, arguably, only has the performance angle to go for.

Boasting of its manufacturer's signature Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system and aluminium monocoque”, the Audi R8 is a 2-seater mid-engine sports car. As the head of Nissan's US operations, the bona fide car enthusiast and eventual father” of the 240Z got on the nerves of his comrades back in Japan by loudly asking for a performance motor to find its way into the diminutive sedan.

For optimal control of engine cooling, the VR38 features a thermostatically Nissan Skyline GT-R controlled oil cooler system. An early feasibility study showed that the R33 GT-R would need the ADR work done in Japan and his would push the price of the car up to over $190,000 by the time it reached Australia, almost 75 percent more than the old R32.

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